Press Releases 03.18.2020

Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19 – Message

A note from Teri Van Frank:

The novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – continues to impact all of us both personally and professionally.

We are very mindful of the responsibility and importance Share One has to each of our credit union clients and, ultimately, your members.

We are prepared to, if needed, work remotely in case of quarantine or in response to school closings, daycare closings, and any other impediments which would potentially keep us from working from our corporate office.

We are in the process of systematically retesting our Remote Work Plan login process and systems by every staff member.  This testing will validate our ability to securely access the needed files and file paths to work remotely for an indefinite time frame seamlessly.  This retesting began last week, and the highest priority testing is anticipated to be completed by Friday, March 13, 2020.  We will work with each employee and are confident a 100% success rate can be achieved.

The Remote Work Plan includes the Service Center secure connection to the Federal Reserve for retrieving and working credit union files.

With the Remote Work Plan, Share One will be able to answer phone calls and deliver the same personal service we provide when we are fully staff at our corporate office.

Our redundant datacenters are secure and will continue to work reliably with the Remote Work Plan.  All aspects of the Share One Business Continuity support will remain intact, and our obligation to each of you is secure.

Third-Party audits of our preparedness undergo regular testing, and our vendor partners share contingency plans to ensure continued services throughout this event.  We do not anticipate any scenario which would impact their services with the Remote Work Plan.

We anticipate higher transaction volumes for NSHome and NSMobile and understand the critical link these services provide for your members as you also face possible social disease control protocols and how they may impact your daily business operations.  We have confidence our core and digital systems will prove invaluable at this time, however, if issues arise, we will be ready to assist and problem-solve if needed.

To prepare your credit union staff for working remotely, many clients have discussed the purchase of mobile hotspots from their wireless carrier.  These devices come with a dynamic IP address, meaning the IP address of the device is always changing.  For Service Center and Hosted clients, we must whitelist these IP addresses to grant access via Citrix.  This can cause access issues when attempting to connect to your servers when the whitelisted IP address has been changed.  However, the wireless carriers offer a Static IP aoption to business account holders.  Please confirm with your provider that the Static IP feature is in place for your devices to allow for minimal service interruptions for your teams.  Contact Technical Support with this information, 800-888-0766, option 2.

Our employees’ well-being is of the utmost importance, and staff members are instructed to reduce exposure to other associates if they are showing flu-like symptoms.

We continue to monitor The Center for Disease Control for information and updates and will respond as needed to help do our part to curb the pandemic and provide the service required to keep your business running smoothly and securely.

Teri Van Frank


Share One, Inc.

For questions or concerns, please contact Support at 800-888-0766, option 1.

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