Press Releases 03.23.2020

Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19 – Message Follow-Up

A note from Teri Van Frank:

After the first mention of the novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – a short time ago, so much has changed as we pursue adapting to the new normal.

While we are navigating through this territory, we continue to work with our vendor partners to ensure you continue to serve your members successfully.

We presently provide a free digital banner ad service embedded in NSHome and NSMobile via our partner DeepTarget Digital Marketing.  The banner ads originally designed to allow you to target market your members are being reinvented during this pandemic.

This morning, I received this note from our DeepTarget representative:

Last week, our team worked quickly to create something we’re calling a “Critical Community Outreach” package and rolled it out to our customers.  The Critical Community Outreach Quick Start Package will enable FIs to rapidly communicate using pre-designed campaigns (pre-designed banners in multiple sizes with customizable messaging) for highly relevant and useful campaigns for customers.  The driving force for this package is to allow financial institutions to serve as an information and support hub for its members or banking consumers.  This is of course at no additional cost to our customers and more information can be found HERE.

We hope this information is helpful to you can you can utilize your advertising platform in a new way.

Teri Van Frank


Share One, Inc.

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